Add a new candidate

To register a candidate you must provide the candidate's name, date of birth, gender and the address you would like the certificate delivered too. On receipt of this SQA will allocate a Scottish Candidate Number (SCN).

All candidates should only ever have one SCN where all the candidates' achievements will be recorded. If when registering your candidate we find a candidate with similar details existing on our database already we will report this back to you as a possible match. You will then be responsible for checking if the candidate record we already hold is or is not your candidate.

If you find a candidate on our database with more than one SCN you can request that these records are merged by completing our online form.

If your candidate's details change (eg name or address) it is important that you update this as soon as possible to ensure accurate certification. If the candidate is making a change to their name, you should ask the candidate to provide legal documentation such as birth certificate, driving licence or passport to support the request. A £38 charge will be made for any certificates that need to be reissued due to incorrect candidate information.