Learning and Development

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SCQF Level

Type of Qualification


6 PDA Supporting Adult Literacies Learning
6/7 SVQ  Learning and Development (Level 3)
7 PDA Carry Out the Assessment Process
7 PDA Training and Development
7 PDA Practice Learning
7 PDA Developing Literacies Learning Programmes for the Workplace
7 PDA Learning Centre Operations
7 PDA Supporting Individuals with Dyslexia in Learning and Workplace Settings
7 PDA Workplace Assessment using Direct Methods
8 PDA Workplace Assessment using Direct and Indirect Methods
8 PDA Healthcare Professionals: Facilitating Learning, Training & Assessment in the Workplace
8 PDA Internal Verification of Workplace Assessment
8 PDA Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching
8 PDA Internally Verify the Assessment Process
8 PDA e-Assessment
8/9 SVQ Learning and Development (Level 4)
9 PDA Practice Learning
9 PDA Inclusiveness: Promoting Equality and Diversity within the Learning Environment
9 PDA External Verification of Workplace Assessment
10 PDA Practice Learning

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