NQ Announcements

National Course Assessment Survey

SQA designs, develops, quality assures and manages Scotland’s national qualifications system. Part of these responsibilities includes maintaining national qualification and assessment standards from year to year.

As part of this, SQA on an annual basis, asks teachers, lecturers and candidates to provide feedback on the quality of Course assessments including question paper based examinations, performances, practical activities, folios and any other forms of coursework.

The responses to the survey are added to the information considered when SQA evaluates all the National Qualification Course assessments.

New National Qualifications - Appointee Vacancies

Implementation of policy on low uptake National Courses

This letter gives an update on Courses to be removed from the NQ Catalogue after the July 2010 and the July 2011 examination diet.

Catalogue of National Qualifications

The Catalogue can be accessed using the following link - Catalogue of National Qualifications (4 MB).

You can search for and find information more easily and we will be updating this information regularly, so that you will be able to access the most up-to-date information on National Qualifications in a single location, at any time. The Catalogue includes listings of:

  • National Units, their Superclass and Verification Groups
  • National Courses
  • Standard Grade Courses
  • National Qualification Group Awards – National Certificates and National Progression Awards