Archived Research

This page provides a hub for all research conducted internally from SQA Accreditation. Any reports which predate the current operational plan can be found here.

Consultation on Accredited Qualification Criteria (formerly the SVQ Criteria)

Following on from work carried out in 2010–11,  SQA Accreditation continued to review the SVQ Criteria in order to address feedback received from focus groups at the awarding body/SSC Event held in February 2011. The project group restructured the criteria to take into consideration the requests for:

  • criteria for all accredited qualifications
  • less ambiguous use of language
  •  reduced duplication of effort

Subsequently the revised Criteria went out to consultation. The consultation on the Accredited Qualification Criteria (formerly the SVQ Criteria) was conducted via a survey which was advertised on the SQA Accreditation webpages and promoted using Accreditation News, and via the Federation of Awarding Bodies newsletter and the Alliance of Sector Skills Council. Representatives from each SQA Accreditation approved awarding body and all Sector Skills Councils were also directly invited to take part in the consultation.

Consequently , SQA Accreditation have produced a revised criteria to cover all types of qualifications and combined the criteria and guidance in one document: Criteria for Accredited Qualifications and Guidance for Accreditation Submissions.

The new Criteria for Accredited Qualifications were introduced for use from 2 April 2012 and can be found  by following this link: Forms and Guidance

The consultation documents are located below.

Accredited Qualifications Criteria Consultation - Introduction (17 KB)
Awarding Body Criteria (2007) Appendix D: Criteria for Scottish Vocational Qualifications (18 KB)
Accredited Qualification Criteria July 2011 (19 KB)

Survey - the survey can be found here

Assessment Strategy Research Project (2008)

In 2005, the National Occupational Standards Board appointed an external consultancy firm to undertake a research project entitled Review of NVQ and SVQ Assessment Strategies. The review identified that there was a concern among stakeholders in relation to the occupational competence requirements of assessors and verifiers within some assessment strategies.

Due to this, follow up work was commissioned in 2007 to determine whether this concern related directly to assessment strategies and how these may be amended to ensure that they do not act as barriers to recruitment in future.

Mackinnon Partnership were commissioned to carry out this work, which was completed in December 2007. The published report is now available below.

SVQ Research Project 2008

This piece of in-house research was completed in March 2008. It examines the relationship between SVQ up-take, cost and funding availability and examines how the existence of competition has effected the market for specific SVQs.

Consultation on Common Regulations

The Accreditation Unit has been considering new ways of simplifying their activities and have been working with the qualifications regulators from England, Wales and Northern Ireland to draft common regulations as a set of high level principles.

The Accreditation Unit is proposing to use these Common Regulations as the principle means by which they will regulate qualifications and awarding bodies. In so doing, the intentions are to reduce the burden on awarding bodies and permit more innovative and flexible ways of delivering qualifications, yet at the same time maintaining quality and rigour.

The consultation documents are located below.

If you have any questions on any aspect of the consultation documents then please contact either George Brown (Head of Accreditation) or Dennis Dunne (Senior Regulation Manager).