Simple to administer

For existing SQA centres, candidate registrations and entries for Functional Skills qualifications should be made by your usual method.

Newly approved SQA centres will register candidates and submit entries using SQA Connect. Following approval, you will be required to sign a SQA Connect User Agreement. SQA Connect is an online system where SQA approved centres and other authorised organisations can access secure services.

Candidates should only be registered once with SQA, to generate a Scottish Candidate Number (SCN). It is vital that a candidate has only one SCN as this record will hold details of his/her SQA achievements for life. The candidate registration process is therefore only required once for each learner.

Once a candidate has been registered, they can then be entered for the appropriate qualifications.

Candidates should be entered for Functional Skills qualifications at least one week prior to the beginning of the assessment window. This will enable SQA to enter your candidates on the SOLAR system, so that you can schedule the assessments for the candidates to sit during the five day assessment window, from Monday to Friday, 8am-8 pm .

You can find out more about SOLAR at, or by e-mailing