Candidate Request for Return of External Assessment Materials

Return of External Assessment, non-examination material
Information for Candidates

SQA provides a service to return non-examination material submitted to us for assessment where it contains material that cannot be easily copied. The following information explains what you need to do in order for this material to be returned.

Returnable Material

We appreciate that some material, eg recordings, photographs, illustrations, items of monetary or sentimental value and some evidence submitted for absentees and appeals is not so easily copied. It is for this reason that SQA provides the return service to centres and candidates. Please see below a list of returnable materials.

Arranging Returns

Candidates or a candidate's parent or guardian may request the return of material using a Request for Return of External Assessment Material form. To access this form, please use this link:

If material is to be returned for different courses and/or different levels, a separate form should be completed for each course and level. This helps us process each request efficiently and apply the appropriate charges.

All requests for return must be submitted to SQA before 30 September 2011. This will ensure that we have sufficient time to process requests and return material before the end of the year. Please note that we reserve the right to decline any request and that any request received after the 30 September may be declined. All material will be returned in November after completion of the Appeals procedure. Any material that is not requested to be returned will be destroyed.

Collecting Items

If you would like to collect your item from our office in Dalkeith, please let us know. We will contact you when the materials are ready for collection.

Damaged Items

If an item is damaged either in transit to SQA or during assessment, it will not be returned.

Service Charges

The list of charges contains details of the charges we apply for returning the material. To access this list, please use this link:

The return of materials is a concessionary service provided by SQA which means that we charge on the basis that we shall recover our costs in full. All charges in respect of this service are exempt from VAT.

As each subject and level is charged separately, it is more cost effective for centres to co-ordinate requests on behalf of candidates. Before you send your request to us, please check that your school or college has not made a request on your behalf. Payment can be made by cheque or postal order. Please print a copy of your completed request form and send it together with your payment for the appropriate amount, made payable to SQA, to Request for Return of External Assessment Materials, QA Events, Scottish Qualifications Authority, Ironmills Road, Dalkeith, Midlothian, EH22 1LE.

Art and Design

The charges detailed in the list of charges may not apply to certain pieces of artwork that are three-dimensional. Charges for returning three-dimensional pieces are calculated differently depending on the size and volume of the material. Please contact Event Servicing at or call 0131 561 6933 for details of the charges that will apply.

If material comprises both two and three-dimensional artwork, the charges for both two and three-dimensional pieces will apply. In the event of a dispute as to what constitutes either two or three-dimensional artwork, SQA’s decision will be final.