Awarding Body/Sector Skills Councils Event - 24 March 2014

Awarding Body/Sector Skills Councils
Event - 24 March 2014
Introduction and aims of the day
(George Brown, Head of Accreditation, Scottish Qualifications Authority)

We are delighted to again have an excellent turnout with representatives from 27 awarding bodies and 14 Sector Skills Councils and Standard Setting Bodies. In attendance we also have some of the members of our Accreditation Committee, which is the statutory committee, overseeing the work of the Accreditation function and reporting to the Scottish Government. These members would especially like to hear from you first-hand about the work that we do and how we can seek to improve our service.

The plan for today is to cover a review of key activity over the last 12 months and to look forward to the year ahead.

Of primary importance is the work the Accreditation team has completed with the review of our Regulatory Principles. The review resulted in a formal consultation and the final set of Principles being launched today.

We also want to review collective experiences of this year’s Universal Services projects and commissioning process. The aim being to confirm what works well and to identify where there are opportunities for improvement.

As ever external events across the UK continue to impact our operating environment. We need to consider the associated effects on stakeholders and ensure that we do not place unnecessary burdens on awarding bodies and Sector Skills Councils.

Of particular importance is the report from the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, chaired by Sir Ian Wood, which published its interim findings in September 2013. Hugh McAloon, from the Scottish Government, joins us today to provide an update on the progress of the Commission and possible next steps.

It is important for the Accreditation team to ensure that our operational plan and improvement activities are aligned with what benefits our stakeholders. In sharing these today we want to gather the views of those present, hopefully confirming where we have got it right, but equally so through receiving constructive feedback where relevant. Any further comments, suggestions or feedback anyone may have following the event would also be welcomed.

Please see below for presentations and information provided on the day.
SQA Accreditation's Regulatory Principles (2014) presentation by Scott Markwick, Senior Regulation Manager, SQA Accreditation
Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce presentation by Hugh McAloon, Scottish Government
Continual Improvement Plans presentation by Andy Crone, Senior Accreditation Manager, SQA Accreditation
Operational Plan by George Brown, Head of Accreditation, SQA Accreditation