English homepage image, ShakespeareEnglish is the study of verbal and written communication in Scotland's main language. It teaches learners how to get the most out of reading, writing, listening and talking. Through their studies they will become familiar with the richness of literature as well as gaining vital skills.

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Scots Language Survey

Historically SQA has not developed separate units in Scots because there are many opportunities to study and use the Scots language in our existing qualifications portfolio. Learners can (and do) currently study and use Scots in, for example:

  • English qualifications in Creative Writing, Literature Study, Language Study and Advanced Higher Dissertations
  • Drama, where learners can study and perform texts written in Scots
  • Music, were learners can use Scots in their performances
  • Media Studies in the production and analysis of media texts

Scots is also being promoted as a potential context across a range of Units in the new Scottish Studies Awards.

There have, however, been recent indications of possible growing demand amongst practitioners for the development of separate Units in Scots. In particular, there have been requests for the development of Scots Units for inclusion in the new Scottish Studies Awards. As a result, SQA has decided to undertake some engagement, initially in the form of this online survey. This will help to establish the level of interest amongst practitioners in the development of separate provision for Scots and to explore a number of key issues.

We would be grateful if you could answer the questions which follow to assist us with this work. This will take approximately fifteen minutes.

Take the Scots language survey

Please respond by 28 June.

Revised Units - Communication (NC) and Literature 1

The Units Communication (NC) and Literature 1, both SCQF level 6, have been recently revised and re-coded. The new Unit Specifications can be found using the NQ Unit Search facility: The new codes are Communication (NC) FA1W 12 and Literature 1 FA58 12.

Please note, the older versions of the Units EE3T 12 and E9X8 12, will finish in July 2012.

English Estimates Calculator

As the introduction of the writing folio has altered the previous weighting of Question Papers at all levels, the calculation of estimates is more complicated.

The conversion calculator will allow you to input figures at the appropriate level (select from the drop down menu) and have them converted to a mark out of 100 in each case.