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Linear Care Scotland

Scottish Vocational Qualification Health and Social Care Level 2

Awarded by The Scottish Qualifications Authority
Accredited from 5 November 2004 to 31 January 2013
Group award number: G7LN 22

This SVQ is based on standards developed collaboratively by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), TOPSS (England), Care Council for Wales, the Northern Ireland Care Council and Skills for Health.  In Scotland, the Scottish Social Services Council represents a wide variety of stakeholders working in a broad range of occupations and job roles within the health and social care sectors.

The first code (6 digits) indicates the SQA Unit code.  The code in brackets indicates the National Occupational Standards Unit code. 

Structure of the SVQ
The way the SVQ is made up is shown below.  The Unit title appears in bold and the elements that make up each Unit are listed under the Unit title.

To achieve the SVQ level 2, candidates are required to complete SIX Units, two Core Units, two Optional Units and the two remaining Units to be taken from either the Core or the Optional sections.

Core Units

DK3V 04 (HSC21)
Communicate with, and complete records for individuals
(154 KB)

DK8W 04 (HSC22)
Support the health and safety of yourself and individuals
(117 KB)

DK6D 04 (HSC23)
Develop your knowledge and practice
(86 KB)

DK6X 04 (HSC24)
Ensure your own actions support the care, protection and well-being of individuals
(130 KB)

Optional Units  

DK3G 04 (HSC25)
Carry out and provide feedback on specific plan of care activities
(96 KB)

DK7F 04 (HSC26)
Support individuals to access and use information
(92 KB)

DK72 04 (HSC27)
Support individuals in their daily living
(102 KB)

DK84 04 (HSC28)
Support individuals to make journeys
(99 KB)

DK88 04 (HSC29)
Support individuals to meet their domestic and personal needs
(124 KB)

DK7E 04 (HSC210)
Support individuals to access and participate in recreational activities
(116 KB)

DK8H 04 (HSC211)
Support individuals to take part in development activities
(117 KB)

DK70 04 (HSC212)
Support individuals during therapy sessions
(114 KB)

DK4V 04 (HSC213)
Provide healthier food and drink for individuals
(146 KB)

If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Unit DK7M 04 (HSC214) as well

DK7M 04 (HSC214)
Help individuals to eat and drink
(116 KB)

If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Unit DK4V 04 (HSC213) as well

DK7N 04 (HSC215)
Help individuals to maintain mobility
(105 KB)

DK78 04 (HSC216)
Help address the physical comfort needs of individuals
(109 KB)

DK94 04 (HSC217)
Undertake agreed pressure area care
(99 KB)

DK8P 04 (HSC218)
Support individuals with their personal care needs
(132 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Unit DK85 04 (HSC219) as well

DK85 04 (HSC219)
Support individuals to manage continence
(104 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Unit DK8P 04 (HSC218) as well

DK9J 04 (HSC220)
Maintain the feet of individuals who have been assessed as requiring help with general foot care
(112 KB)

DL4A 04 (HSC221)
Assist in the administration of medication
(99 KB)

DK75 04 (HSC222)
Support individuals prior to, during and after clinical procedures
(168 KB)

DK49 04 (HSC223)
Contribute to moving and handling individuals
(115 KB)

DK9W 04 (HSC224)
Observe, monitor and record the conditions of individuals
(108 KB)

DK8J 04 (HSC225)
Support individuals to undertake and monitor their own health care
(115 KB)

DK8L 04 (HSC226)
Support individuals who are distressed
(115 KB)

DK60 04 (HSC227)
Contribute to working in collaboration with carers in the caring role
(114 KB)

DK48 04 (HSC228)
Contribute to effective group care
(124 KB)

DK77 04 (HSC229)
Gain access to, and ensure individuals’ homes are secure
(108 KB)

DK9M 04 (HSC230)
Manage environments and resources during clinical activities
(145 KB)

DK4L 04 (HSC232)
Protect yourself from the risk of violence at work
(90 KB)

For further information on this qualification, please contact: Care Scotland 0141 242 2344