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Linear Care Scotland

Scottish Vocational Qualification Health and Social Care (Adults) Level 3

Awarded by The Scottish Qualifications Authority
Accredited from 5 November 2004 to 31 January 2013
Group award number: G7LP 23

This SVQ is based on standards developed collaboratively by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), TOPSS (England), Care Council for Wales, the Northern Ireland Care Council and Skills for Health.  In Scotland, the Scottish Social Services Council represents a wide variety of stakeholders working in a broad range of occupations and job roles within the health and social care sectors.

The first code (6 digits) indicates the SQA Unit code.  The code in brackets indicates the National Occupational Standards Unit code. 

Structure of the SVQ
The way the SVQ is made up is shown below.  The Unit title appears in bold and the elements that make up each Unit are listed under the Unit title.

To achieve the SVQ level 3, candidates are required to complete EIGHT Units, four Mandatory Units, and four  Optional Units from the 'specific' or 'generic' list.

Mandatory Units
Candidates must complete all four units:

DK4R 04 (HSC31) Promote effective communication with, for and about individuals (122 KB)

DK4K 04 (HSC32) Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security in the working environment (119 KB)

DK57 04 (HSC33) Reflect on and develop your practice (87 KB)

DK41 04 (HSC35) Promote choice, well-being and the protection of all individuals (134 KB) (134 KB)

Optional Units
Candidates must complete any four Optinal Units from across the specific or generic list

Optional Units - Specific

DK44 04 (HSC328) Contribute to care planning and review (128 KB)

DK4C 04 (HSC329) Contribute to planning, monitoring and reviewing the delivery of service for individuals (119 KB)

DK7J 04 (HSC330) Support individuals to access and use services and facilities (113 KB)

DK7X 04 (HSC331) Support individuals to develop and maintain social networks and relationships (116 KB)

DK91 04 (HSC332) Support the social, emotional and identity needs of individuals (122 KB)

DK3L 04 (HSC333) Prepare your family and networks to support individuals requiring care (114 KB)

DK4M 04 (HSC334) Provide a home and family environment for individuals (130 KB)

DK5W 04 (HSC335) Contribute to the protection of individuals from harm and abuse (144 KB)

B7Y5 04 (HSC336) Contribute to the prevention and management of abusive and aggressive behaviour (120 KB)

DK4W 04 (HSC337) Provide frameworks to help individuals to manage challenging behaviour (116 KB)

Optional Units - Generic

DK3N 04 (HSC338) Carry out screening and referral assessment (117 KB)

DK3J 04 (HSC339) Carry out assessment to identify and prioritise needs (134 KB)

DK3K 04 (HSC340) Carry out comprehensive substance misuse assessment (146 KB)

DK7D 04 (HSC341) Help individuals address their substance use through an action plan (139 KB)

DK31 04 (HSC342) Assess and act upon immediate risk of danger to substance users (123 KB)

DK82 04 (HSC343) Support individuals to live at home (124 KB)

DK8G 04 (HSC344) Support individuals to retain, regain and develop the skills to manage their lives and environment (137 KB)

DK87 04 (HSC345) Support individuals to manage their financial affairs (96 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Unit DK86 04 (HSC346) as well

DK86 04 (HSC346) Support individuals to manage direct payments (112 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Unit DK87 04 (HSC345) as well

DK7H 04 (HSC347) Help individuals to access employment (105 KB)

DK7K 04 (HSC348) Help individuals to access learning, training and development opportunities (106 KB)

DK6M 04 (HSC349) Enable individuals to access housing and accommodation (130 KB)

DK55 04 (HSC350) Recognise, respect and support the spiritual well-being of individuals (124 KB)

DK37 04 (HSC351) Plan, agree and implement development activities to meet individual needs (125 KB)

DK7R 04 (HSC352) Support individuals to continue therapies (116 KB)

DK89 04 (HSC353) Interact with individuals using telecommunications (102 KB)

DK62 04 (HSC354) Counsel individuals about their substance use using recognised theoretical models (144 KB)

DK61 04 (HSC355) Counsel groups of individuals about their substance use using recognised theoretical models (142 KB)

DK7V 04 (HSC356) Support individuals to deal with relationship problems (124 KB)

DK3M 04 (HSC357) Carry out extended feeding techniques to ensure individuals nutritional and fluid intake (97 KB)

DK7W 04 (HSC358) Identify the individual at risk of skin breakdown and undertake the appropriate risk assessment (120 KB)

DK9V 04 (HSC360) Move and position individuals (132 KB)

DK3F 04 (HSC361) Prepare for, and undertake physiological measurements (127 KB)

DK54 04 (HSC362) Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists (106 KB)

DK93 04 (HSC363) Test for substance use (110 KB)

DK7Y 04 (HSC364) Identify the physical health needs of individuals with mental health needs (119 KB)

DK4Y 04 (HSC365) Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects (124 KB)

DK8E 04 (HSC366) Support individuals to represent their own needs and wishes at decision making forums (101 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Units DK7G 04 (HSC367) or DK3R 04 (HSC368) as well

DK7G 04 (HSC367) Help individuals identify and access independent representation and advocacy (123 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Units DK8E 04 (HSC366) or DK3R 04 (HSC368) as well

DK3R 04 (HSC368) Present individuals’ needs and preferences (127 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Units DK8E 04 (HSC366) or DK7G 04 (HSC367) as well

DK8N 04 (HSC369) Support individuals with specific communication needs (130 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Units DK7P 04 (HSC370) or DK7L 04 (HSC371) as well

DK7P 04 (HSC370) Support individuals to communicate using technology (135 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Units DK8N 04 (HSC369) or DK7L 04 (HSC371) as well

DK7L 04 (HSC371) Support individuals to communicate using interpreting and translation services (127 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Units DK8N 04 (HSC369) or DK7P 04 (HSC370) as well

DK33 04 (HSC372) Plan and implement programmes to enable individuals to find their way around familiar environments (108 KB)

DK35 04 (HSC373) Plan and implement programmes to enable individuals to find their way around unfamiliar environments (114 KB)

DK2X 04 (HSC375) Administer medication to individuals (133 KB)

DL00 04 (HSC376) Obtain venous blood samples (122 KB)

DK6V 04 (HSC377) Encourage and support individuals undergoing dialysis therapy at home (97 KB)

DK83 04 (HSC378) Insert and secure urethral catheters and monitor and respond to the effects of urethral catheterisation (102 KB)

DK8M 04 (HSC379) Support individuals who are substance users (150 KB)

DK5E 04 (HSC380) Supply and exchange injecting equipment for individuals (114 KB)

DK79 04 (HSC381) Support individuals through detoxification programmes (124 KB)

DK8C 04 (HSC382) Support individuals to prepare for, adapt to and manage change (119 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Unit DK3C 04 (HSC383) as well

DK3C 04 (HSC383) Prepare and support individuals to move and settle into new living environments (104 KB)
If you choose this Unit, you cannot do Unit DK8C 04 (HSC382) as well

DK76 04 (HSC384) Support individuals through bereavement (114 KB)

DK7C 04 (HSC385) Support individuals through the end of life process (94 KB)

DK38 04 (HSC386) Assist in the transfer of individuals between agencies and services (101 KB)

DK96 04 (HSC387) Work in collaboration with carers in the caring role (114 KB)

DK97 04 (HSC389) Work with carers, families and key people to maintain contact with individuals (112 KB)

DK6W 04 (HSC390) Support families in maintaining relationships in their wider social structures and environments (82 KB)

DK4X 04 (HSC391) Provide services to those affected by someone else’s substance use (122 KB)

DK9D 04 (HSC392) Work with families, carers and individuals during times of crisis (118 KB)

DK3P 04 (HSC393) Prepare, implement and evaluate agreed therapeutic group activities (114 KB)

DK5M 04 (HSC394) Contribute to the development and running of support groups (134 KB)

DK40 04 (HSC395) Contribute to assessing and act upon risk of danger, harm and abuse (162 KB)

DK6T 04 (HSC396) Enable people with mental health needs to develop coping strategies (140 KB)

D8ND 04 (HSC397) Reinforce positive behavioural goals during relationships with individuals (62 KB)

DK42 04 (HSC398) Contribute to assessing the needs of individuals for therapeutic programmes to enable them to manage their behaviour (151 KB)

DK66 04 (HSC399) Develop and sustain effective working relationships with staff in other agencies (103 KB)

DK30 04 (HSC3100) Participate in inter-disciplinary team working to support individuals (131 KB)

DK7A 04 (HSC3101) Help develop community networks and partnerships (138 KB)

DK9C 04 (HSC3102) Work with community networks and partnerships (124 KB)

DK5H 04 (HSC3103) Contribute to raising awareness of health issues (114 KB)

DK8V 04 (HSC3104) Support the development of networks to meet assessed needs and planned outcomes (131 KB)

DK5X 04 (HSC3105) Contribute to the recruitment and placement of volunteers (98 KB)

DK39 04 (HSC3106) Plan, organise and monitor the work of volunteers (116 KB)

DK8D 04 (HSC3107) Lead and motivate volunteers (127 KB)

DK74 04 (HSC3108) Enable learning through presentations (94 KB)

DK73 04 (HSC3109) Facilitate group learning (97 KB)

DK6N 04 (HSC3110) Support colleagues to relate to individuals (109 KB)

Unit DK59 04 (HSC 388) has been removed from the qualification structure. All candidates currently undertaking this Unit must complete and be resulted on the SQA system by 30 November 2012. No new candidates should be registered for this Unit.

For further information on this qualification, please contact: Care Scotland 0141 242 2344