Enterprise and Employability

PDA Framework G7PO 15

In December 2004, SQA launched three new awards in Enterprise and Employability.  These awards were designed in response to the Scottish Government's drive towards 'Enterprise in Education', the CBI Scotland's template for employability and the positive results for a consultation undertaken with schools, colleges and training providers throughout Scotland.  These awards are as a result of SQA collaboration and partnership with SFEU, Equal Scotland, SWELL and Careers Scotland.  Each of these awards consists of 6 credits with 240 notional hours.

PDA (HN Units) Unit Name Credit Value
A5GT 34 Health and Safety in Industry (88 KB) 1
BA27 34 Workplace Quality Systems (76 KB) 1
DK2N 33 Record Keeping and Accounting for Small Business (190 KB) 1
DK2L 33 Marketing Skills for the Entrepreneur (176 KB) 1
DK2K 34 Getting Started in Business (192 KB) 1
DK2M 34 Personal Enterprise Skills (207 KB) 1



This award comprises of HN Units and can be used in whole or part to support candidates who may be employed or have taken a vocational qualification and wish to improve employability or set up their own business.  The Qualifications Management Team of any HN award may decide to import all or part of the award into their HN's optional framework.

This award is supported by 'Get into BUSINESS' teaching and learning materials.  The Unit Getting Started in Business is wholly supported by the material and successful completion enables the candidate to apply for Business Gateway's Youth Business Start-up Grant.  Assessment exemplars for the units Getting Started in Business and Personal Enterprise Skills will be made available, details of which shall be published on our website.

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