Parent Information videos

John Allan, SQA's Policy Manager for Curriculum for Excellence, answers your questions:

  1. Developing the new qualifications
  2. What are the new qualifications?
  3. Where do the new qualifications come from?
  4. What is SQA's role in developing the new qualifications?
  5. What are the challenges SQA face in developing the new qualifications?
  6. What is the relationship between the curriculum levels, qualifications and the SCQF framework?
  7. What's the role of assessment in the new qualifications?
  8. What will assessment be like in the new qualifications?
  9. How do we make sure that qualifications taken in different places are of the same standard?
  10. How does SQA support assessment?
  11. How have the new qualifications been developed?
  12. What are SQA's credentials for developing qualifications?