North Ayrshire Pupil Support

Extended Outreach enterprise to develop the SQA Personal Development Course at Access 3, and combine elements of the Units with assessment in alternative SQA courses.

The following is based on North Ayrshire Pupil Support's Action Research Project application for funding:

The Support Service will identify a group of youngsters who are in the S3–S4 stage, but who are currently working with Extended Outreach. A project will be developed in consultation with the group to raise funds for a good cause through an enterprise.

North Ayrshire pupil making jellery

The young people will use research skills to help in identifying the cause to be aided, while Extended Outreach staff will develop opportunities for the young people to produce craft items to sell.

The young people will plan and market the final event, but activities will be adult-led throughout the process. They will be allocated tasks and supported in their endeavours to complete them. The variety and complexity of the tasks allocated will be predetermined to take account of each individual.

The group will develop the following skills:

  • interpersonal skills, working within a group of peers
  • task management skills
  • planning the project
  • communicating with external charities and agencies
  • managing information
  • marketing/organising the final event
  • reviewing progress
  • reporting on progress

Within the project there will elements that will be used as a source of assessment for additional SQA qualifications, in particular Standard Grade English. Personal essay and solo talk are both elements that could be targeted through the work of the project.

North Ayrhsier pupils working

If current S3 pupils are involved in planning and leading the following year's project, this would require less teacher input and would lead to this cohort being eligible to be presented for Intermediate 1/2 Personal Development.


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