How we Accredit & Regulate Qualifications

Business meeting imageOur involvement in the process for developing qualifications includes an advisory role and a formal approval role. Qualifications may require various stages of approval by our approval group – Accreditation Coordination Group (ACG) as the structures are developed, the SCQF credit rating is assessed and the qualifications are submitted for accreditation.

We have an advisory role in the development of National Occupational Standards (NOS), and we are involved in the process for approval of NOS. Many qualifications are based on NOS, eg SVQs. We advise on the development of SVQ structures and the products which support these. ACG is responsible for approving the structures, assessment strategies and Core Skills Signposting which are used by awarding bodies in their delivery of SVQs. We also approve structures and assessment principles as appropriate when SSCs wish to include these in Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks.

Approval of Qualification Products

We approve structures and credit rating for qualifications, and these processes are aligned to the accreditation process. The approval of qualification structures and, where appropriate, assessment strategies or principle and Core Skills Signposting is done according to our Approval Process.

Credit Rating for the SCQF

As a Credit Rating Body we approve credit rating for the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. How organisations determine their recommendations for SCQF credit rating and how we approve those recommendations are described on the page titled Credit Rating for the SCQF.

Accreditation of Qualifications

We accredit qualifications offered by approved awarding bodies. This is done according to the process on the page titled The Process for Accreditation of Qualifications.