New customers

How do I become an approved SQA centre and deliver SQA qualifications?

Contact our Business Development team on 0303 333 0330 or customer@sqa.org.uk.  Overseas enquires should be directed to 0044 141 500 5030. Find out more about becoming an approved SQA centre.

How can SQA's qualifications improve the skills of your workforce?

We offer a range of vocational qualifications suitable for skilling your workforce:

How do SQA’s qualifications compare with other recognised qualifications?

For more information read our Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries Leaflet (804 KB)

Where can I find out more about the Qualifications and services available from SQA?

Information about our products and services can be found at: Qualifications and Services

Existing customers

How do I add more qualifications to my centre’s portfolio?

Contact your regional Business Development Team  to discuss your requirements.

How can I update my contact details?

You can update your centre's contact details, including details for the SQA Co-ordinator, by contacting our  Customer Support team, or completing our Centre Update form.

Where can I find a copy of SQA's logo to use my organisation’s website and marketing materials?

If you are an SQA approved centre, contact your regional Business Development team on 0303 333 0330.  Overseas enquires should be directed to 0044 141 500 5030 or by e-mailing mycentre@sqa.org.uk

How do I get in touch with SQA?

There are a number of ways you can contact SQA.  Full details are available here.