PACE logo smallSQA has been actively engaged with the PACE Partnership.  PACE (Partnership Action for Continuing Employment) is the Scottish Government's national strategic partnership framework for responding to redundancy situations. It ensures that public sector agencies respond to potential and proposed large-scale and small-scale redundancies as quickly and effectively as possible.

The partnership, led by the Scottish Government, comprises the national agencies, including Skills Development Scotland, Jobcentre Plus, SQA and COSLA, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, Future Skills Scotland, HM Revenue and Customs; the STUC, and its affiliated Trade Unions; Citizens Advice Bureaux; and Scotland’s Colleges and Universities Scotland.

Skills Development Scotland co-ordinates the national and local level response teams to provide tailored help and support to individuals facing redundancy and identify training activities where appropriate.

In the main SQA’s involvement will be:

For further information download the PACE flyer

Qualifications Available

SQA is ambitious for Scotland, determined to play a full and committed part in ensuring that the Scottish people and economy benefit from a qualifications system that is all-embracing and delivering and meeting Scotland’s needs.

There are approximately 1,470 centres approved to offer our range of qualifications.
Our qualifications include:

  • National Qualifications (including Standard Grade and National Units and Courses at Access, Intermediate, Higher and Advanced Higher levels)
  • Skills for Work Courses
  • Professional Development Awards
  • National Progression Awards
  • National Certificates
  • Higher National Certificates and Diplomas (HNC/HND)
  • Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs)
  • Customised Awards



SQA/PACE fact Sheet

The Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) is central to the Government's Economic Recovery Programme, in particular the commitment to provide support to businesses and employees facing redundancy situations. By providing skills development and employability support, PACE aims to minimise the time people affected by redundancy are out of work.

'SQA is committed to participating in the work of the PACE Partnership to ensure that Scotland and its people emerge from the economic downturn in the strongest possible position.'


This webpage will be updated at regular intervals. For further information about the SQA's links with PACE please contact Liam Priest at liam.priest@sqa.org.uk