Following Approval

Systems development

Following centre approval, new centres may request a post-approval development visit. During these visits your Quality Enhancement Manager (QEM) will be happy to offer advice on any aspect of your centre’s systems and procedures.

Centres offering qualifications in a new verification group for the first time will automatically be offered a post-approval development visit by an External Verifier (EV) approximately six months after gaining approval (but only if you have entered candidates for our qualifications). For further information please contact SQA’s Qualification Approval and Verification Team.

Please note: These visits are free of charge.

Before, applying for approval to offer a specific qualification you can ask for a development visit from one or more of our External Verifiers (EVs). The EV(s) will be able to advise you on the resources you will need and on strategies for assessing qualifications. We charge for this service. To find out more contact our Qualification Approval and Verification Team.

Help and support is always available from either your QEM or EV outwith the normal quality assurance schedule. Advice is free but we will charge for providing a development visit to your centre.

For further information about systems development visits please contact your QEM or telephone SQA’s Business Development Team on 0303 333 0330. Enquiries regarding external verification visits should be addressed to SQA’s Qualification Approval and Verification Team.

Systems verification

Systems verification is the process of ensuring that centres maintain adequate internal quality assurance systems, which are sufficiently well documented, and operated effectively. Systems verification covers five main areas:

Quality assurance through centre visits

Quality Enhancement Managers (QEMs) routinely monitor all approved centres to ensure compliance with our quality assurance criteria. During the visit the QEM will sample evidence to ensure that your centre’s systems and procedures continue to comply with our criteria for approval as an SQA centre and for internal verification.

Your QEM may also make a number of recommendations which could enhance the quality of the provision you offer and support the development of internal quality assurance within your centre. These visits are free of charge.