Paul Greer who teaches physics at St Peter the Apostle High School in Clydebank scooped the prize for innovation at the 2012 Scottish Qualifications Authority Star Awards for his series of Glesga Physics videos. Under the tutelage of the eminent ‘Professor Valdo’, Paul’s videos complement students’ learning with a uniquely Glaswegian approach to key components of the Higher Physics Course.

Over the past two years, the series had built up a loyal following on YouTube and has become extremely popular and widely-used by Higher Physics pupils across Scotland.

The videos have also gained a cult following from further afield as learners from around the world subscribe to hear Professor Valdo’s take on topics just as semi-conductors, momentum and Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Coatbridge College’s student run campus healthcare programme and Cumbernauld College’s annual course review tool were both highly commended.

Winner: St Peter the Apostle High School, West Dunbartonshire

St Peter the Apostle High School

Paul Greer with Kenneth Muir

Highly Commended

Highly Commended: Coatbridge College

Coatbridge College

Highly Commended: Cumbernauld College

Cumbernauld College