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Functional Skills Qualification Sample Assessments

There are a range of free learning materials available online to support the delivery of Functional Skills, e.g. Skills Workshop.

Centre staff will receive training on delivery and quality assurance of Functional Skills assessments through the use of SQA produced web-based simulations and training materials. Additional support will be provided by SQA Centre Support and e-assessment and Learning Teams.

To view these sample assessments:

Available Functional Skills Assessments

Please see the table below for the sample assessments available and their corresponding marking schemes.

Qualification Title Assessment Marking Scheme

Functional Skills Mathematics
(Level 1)

Sample Assessment

Mathematics Level 1

Functional Skills Mathematics
(Level 2)

Sample Assessment

Mathematics Level 2

Functional Skills English
Reading (Level 1)

Sample Assessment

Reading Level 1

Functional Skills English
Writing (Level 1)

Sample Assessment

Writing Level 1

Functional Skills English
Reading (Level 2)

Sample Assessment

Reading Level 2

Functional Skills English
Writing (Level 2)

Sample Assessment

Writing Level 2

Functional Skills ICT * Practice Tasks

ICT workbook
(New September 2013)
Functional Skills ICT (Level 1) Sample Assessment ICT Level 1
Functional Skills ICT (Level 2) Sample Assessment ICT Level 2

* Practice Tasks and ICT workbook to be used together.

SQA Functional Skills ICT Practice Tasks

The SQA Functional Skills ICT assessments have been created in a system which is similar to but not the same as applications such as Microsoft Office.

SQA has produced practice ICT tasks and associated workbook which is designed to allow learners to become familiar with the functionality of the assessment software. This material should be used to complement existing learning materials.

The workbook (Revised October 2013) takes the user through each of the component parts of the ICT online system and should be followed in conjunction with the assessment.

ICT Functional Skills Assessment Demonstration Videos

Please select a video from the links below to view a demonstration of the functionality available for ICT examinations. These videos take you through sample tasks and offer a step by step guide to working with the assessment software.

*Please note that the sample tasks are not derived from live examination content and are purely for illustrative purposes, although they offer a flavour of the types of tasks students will meet in their assessments.

Level 1 ICT Demonstration Videos

Level 2 ICT Demonstration Videos

*Please note some of these videos are quite large and will take a few seconds to download.

Functional Skills