National 5 Specimen Question Papers published

28 February 2013

SQA has published Specimen Question Papers for subjects that have an Examination Question Paper as part of the National 5 Course assessment. These have been released in conjunction with the National 4 Added Value Unit assessment.

The specimen papers illustrate the standard, structure and requirements of the Question Papers that candidates will sit from Session 2013/14 as part of the National 5 Course, and also include Marking Instructions.

They have been developed to support teaching and learning and to help prepare candidates for the National 5 Course assessment. In addition, they may be of interest to parents, employers, colleges, universities and others interested in the new National Qualifications.

The Specimen Question Papers contain examples of the types, and scope, of questions that will be used in the Examination Question Paper. The Marking Instructions outline the marking principles for the Examination Question papers and provide details of how the questions in the specimen should be marked.

Examination Question Papers will be set and marked by SQA and conducted in schools and colleges under strict conditions for external examinations, as specified by SQA.
To access the Specimen Question Papers, please visit the subject pages at

Specimen Question Papers should be read in conjunction with the National 5 Course Assessment Specifications. Where appropriate, National 5 Course Assessment Specifications will be updated with further information and clarification of the requirements of the Course Assessment and the updated versions will be available by the end of June 2013.