Senior External Verifier (Petroleum Driver
Passport Industry Training Scheme)

A Senior External Verifier is responsible for ensuring that all tasks associated with external verification and qualification approval activities are carried out under the conditions, timescales and arrangements set by SQA.

The prime role is to manage the team of external verifiers in the delivery of verification procedures for the PD Passport scheme to ensure that standards are maintained.

These activities will be under the direction of SQA’s Contract Services team.

Outline of duties

  • Lead, direct and support the external verification process in accordance with SQA policy and specification
  • Provide leadership and support to the external verification team
  • Conduct verification events, carry out external verification visits and accompany new External Verifiers on visits when authorised
  • Monitor External Verifier decisions at standardisation events
  • Participate in approval, post approval and monitoring visits to centres providing advice and guidance relevant to the standards
  • Monitor External Verifier decisions via their reports
  • Complete written annual report to meet SQA requirements covering all aspects of External Verification activity
  • Lead verification group meetings
  • Assist in centre appeals process and centre complaint investigations and specific enquiries from centres
  • Deliver and participate in external verifier training events
  • Undertake performance management activity of external verification team
  • Complete CPD and submit to SQA as required

Selection Criteria

Essential characteristics

Successful candidates must:

  • Be able to demonstrate recent experience and knowledge in petroleum products within the last 5 years, and a high level of expertise in training and assessment within the various industry sub sectors (Aviation, Commercial, Home Heat, Marine and Retail).
  • Hold or be working towards an External Verification Award
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and be able to engage positively with all members of their team
  • Be able to communicate confidently, effectively and professionally with their Verification Team, Heads of Centre and SQA staff both orally (at briefings and meetings) and in writing (reports)
  • Have a home computer or laptop with broadband internet connection and a private e-mail address
  • Hold a current clean driving licence

Desirable characteristics

Successful candidates should:

  • Hold both current DGSA qualification or equivalent and have a current ADR Driver Training Certificate
  • Hold a formal training qualification and or an external audit qualification
  • Be qualified and or trained in instructional techniques
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent organisational and administrative skills with and provide an attention to detail
  • Have an in-depth understanding of all documentation, duties, tasks and procedures associated with the verification area for which they have responsibility

Key Performance Measures for Senior External Verifiers

Each year, on completion of the duties outlined in the Senior External Verifier contract specification, the Senior External Verifier will be measured against the following key performance measures and informed of the outcome in relation to their performance in that year.

  1. Train, develop and support members of the EV team to meet SQA requirements
  2. Monitor performance of members of the EV team to meet SQA requirements
  3. Ensure consistency of decisions made by members of the EV team
  4. Ensure reports generated by members of the EV team meet quality standard
  5. Positive engagement with all members of the team through leadership and management of people
  6. Positive engagement with all members of SQA staff
  7. Complete Senior External Verifier annual report within conditions and timescales
  8. Satisfactorily fulfil the KPMs of the External Verifier role