SQA begins ADR driver training photo-card re-issue

22 JULY 2013

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) will be replacing all UK ADR driver training photo cards issued since 29 October 2012, as part of its administration of the photo card certificates for the Dangerous Goods Driver Training on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT) in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

This is necessary to ensure complete compliance with the format and information to be displayed on the photo card, as clarified and agreed at the recent meeting of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and ADR Contracting Parties.

The redesign of the cards will commence immediately and SQA will liaise closely with enforcement agencies and trade associations to ensure training providers, hauliers and individual drivers are aware of the changes.

SQA will coordinate the re-issue, ensuring drivers receive their replacement cards within 10 weeks. There will be 6 months grace period for the photo card certificate holders during which SQA will be working with the Police and other enforcement agencies to ensure that no driver or haulier will be disadvantaged while the new cards are issued. There will be no cost to the drivers or their employers for the new photo cards.

Sue Macfarlane, Head of Specialist Awards and Services at SQA said, "Whilst the UK photo card already complies with the ADR prescribed format, some minor amendments are required to ensure complete compliance with the recently clarified points, namely the date format and the black colouring of all the lettering on the card.

“Certificate holders and their employers can be assured that SQA has put in place a dedicated team to ensure hauliers and drivers have support. The team responsible will be sending out detailed instructions to every photo card certificate holder asking them to destroy their old card only once they have received their replacement and asking them to acknowledge this.

"If by Friday 4 October 2013 a certificate holder has not received their replacement, they should contact the team directly at adr@sqa.org.uk and their new certificate will be fast tracked to them within five working days”.