Appointee of the Year

Catriona Henderson was awarded Appointee of the Year for her services to SQA.  Catriona began working as an marker for SQA on the old ‘O’ Grade Geography qualifications, before working on Standard Grade Geography courses. 

SQA Star Awards Appointee Catriona Henderson

Catriona Henderson

A fluent Gaelic speaker, Catriona has also marked the Gaelic language Standard Grade Geography paper for a number of years and is now an item writer for the new National 5 Geography course and has been involved in translating the materials for the new qualifications into Gaelic.

SQA Star Awards Appointee David Pirnie

David Pirnie and Margo Stewart

Highly Commended in the same category were David Pirnie, SQA’s only lead verifier for both Higher National and Vocation Qualifications, and Margo Stewart, chief invigilator at The Gordon Schools in Huntly for the past fifteen years.

SQA Star Awards Appointee Margo Stewart