Appointee Management Case Studies

E-MarkerAndy McClean — e-marker

I am a Music teacher at Larbert High School and a SQA Higher Marker. I would highly recommend that teachers apply to join the e-marking team, as it is an excellent extension to your role as a professional classroom teacher.

You are able to work at your own pace and the deadlines for completion are fair and manageable. Your workflow is well organised, the system is intuitive to use and you also feel supported as there is a Team Leader assigned to you to mentor you and run anything by.

Candidate work is held securely on-line, so there are no hassles with having to shuffle and protect paper, plus there’s no additional work at the end, as you don’t have to head to the post office! I really appreciate being able to mark question papers (scripts) in batches and you can set the system to mark all the same question sequentially, which further speeds up your workflow.

The training and support provided should give others the confidence to sign up as, before you are able to mark live scripts, there is really good training which explains how the software works and gives you the opportunity to mark mock scripts anonymously with feedback at the end. You then have to mark a series of scripts which are submitted for approval and, once your Team Leader has confirmed that you are competent, you can begin to mark live scripts.

The deadlines are fair and you always feel supported, as can submit any issues to your Team Leader at any time through messaging.

If you have never marked before then apply to do so now!