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Education and technology are two of the greatest social equalisers. Education helps people improve their economic opportunities, while technology provides access to education. In the UK, Cisco partners with many public organisations to deliver programmes that contribute to education and the innovative use of technology. The largest of these programmes is Cisco Networking Academy™ (NetAcad).

Every year, Networking Academy teaches thousands of students in the UK the skills needed to design, build, manage, and secure computer networks, helping to enhance their career prospects and fill the global demand for networking professionals. With more than 300 Cisco Academies across the country, Networking Academy delivers classroom instruction, online teaching materials, interactive tools, and hands-on learning to students from every socioeconomic background, so that they can develop the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a technology-driven market. As organisations become increasingly reliant on intelligent networks and innovative workers, Cisco and its partners are helping the workforce prepare by teaching the career-ready skills that employers need. In the UK the programme is available to secondary schools, academies, UTCs, colleges, universities and a variety of community-based organisations. The coursework is comprehensive and available for free to not-for-profit institutions.

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