Serif and SQA will sign a three year non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on Scottish education and training awards within the SCQF. Serif products are already popular with education practitioners in schools and colleges across Scotland. The agreement with SQA will build on this existing usage and will cover:

Serif will donate electronic content to SQA on licence for use within Scottish schools and colleges.

Negotiations are underway with Learning Teaching Scotland (LTS) to make the associated product licences available at best price to Scottish education.

Serif will also create a professional development Masterclass scheme that will enable uptake of the awards in secondary schools and colleges.

One or more education partners will be selected through open tender process to act as champions in the school and college sectors for the SQA Serif collaboration programme.

In addition, SQA and Serif will jointly plan to create a Community of Practice in the schools sector and provide appropriate supporting resources.

"Serif has an ongoing commitment to education and we are especially pleased to be increasing our support for Scottish education through our participation in the DIVA scheme", said Colin Hussey, Serif’s Education Business Manager.