SQA response to EIS survey

Dr Janet Brown, SQA chief executive, responds to the EIS survey regarding the introduction of the new National Qualifications.

In a statement, Dr Brown said: "The new Nationals are the latest step in the evolution of Scottish qualifications – and we understand that change always brings challenge.

“The new qualifications support Curriculum for Excellence and reflect the current and future needs of employers, further and higher education and wider society – and SQA is fully committed to their successful introduction. Our key priority in the coming months is to work in partnership with teachers to provide the additional support they need to ensure the Nationals are implemented to the benefit of all our young people.

“SQA listens very carefully to feedback from teachers and continues to provide a detailed programme of support, including course arrangements for the new Nationals, Specimen Question Papers, coursework and assessment materials for all new subjects. Almost 7,500 teachers have attended 140 subject events for the new Nationals and SQA's Curriculum for Excellence Liaison team continues to visit every school across Scotland to meet teachers and parents, explain the changes, answer questions and gather feedback to gauge what further support is needed to deliver the new qualifications."