Appointee Management Case Studies

Derek Park - e-marker Team Leader

I am a Principal Teacher of Computing at Dalziel High School in Motherwell and am a Team Leader for Computing.

E-Marker Team Leader

Each Team Leader has approximately eight Markers to look after. We start with a standardisation event, where sample scripts are selected to look at; this allows definitive marks and tolerances to be agreed. Markers then practice marking and I check the quality of their marking both before they begin live marking and check seeded scripts which are dispersed throughout live marking to see how well my team is doing - this lets me see if any of them needs additional help.

The biggest advantage for Markers is that e-marking is simple to use and they do not need to add up individual paper marks ... the system does it for you. This in turn means less opportunity for mistakes. My Markers need never be stuck, as they can seek clarification from me through scoris messaging, as they work through their scripts. In turn, I can see how my team is marking in ‘real time’; this allows me to give immediate feedback and support.

E-marking is efficient and can save Markers time. I also think that questions are answered quicker and Markers feel more satisfied of a job well done. Another advantage is that we do not have to wait for scripts to be delivered or go to the Post Office to pick scripts up or send them back. Overall marking from image (MFI) is much more straight-forward than marking on paper.

If you are not yet involved as an SQA Appointee, then try and get involved in some capacity - it certainly opens your eyes much further regarding your own subject material.

It’s like having CPD every year, although at the time you don’t realise it.