2016 key stage 1 Technical Pre-Test (TPT)

Student in exam conditions

The SQA is working on behalf of the Standards & Testing Agency (STA) to conduct the 2016 Technical Pre-Test (TPT) at key stage 1, which will take place between 11-22 April 2016. Participation in the trial is by invitation only and STA will draw a representative sample of schools with age-appropriate children. From 2016, participation is statutory for those schools selected by STA for participation in the national curriculum tests trial.

Taking part in this year’s key stage 1 TPT will help you to prepare for the national curriculum tests. You will also have an opportunity to influence the content of future key stage 1 tests, helping to ensure that they provide valid and reliable assessments.

The trial will test the reliability of test questions which, depending on their performance, will be used in future national key stage 1 tests. The trial is aimed at testing the performance of individual questions rather than the performance of any pupil, and will help establish the following:

Trialling the questions means that schools can have more confidence that the results of national curriculum tests will be valid and reliable.