What happens after the tests?

Once the tests have been carried out in all the schools taking part in the trial, the test papers will be marked by a group of trained markers. The pupil responses to each item are then analysed by STA psychometricians and researchers to assess how the tests have performed.

Schools will not receive any results for individual pupils or classes because the test materials are at an early stage of development and the reliability of the questions will not have been confirmed. However, the results of these tests will be used by the STA to help ensure the validity and reliability of questions in live tests. The trial data will help to determine which questions could go forward into national curriculum tests at a later date.

You may be contacted by a member of the Trialling Services Team after the tests have been carried out. They will ask you for feedback on the level of support you received from SQA during the trial and about the performance of the Test Administrator conducting the tests. We would greatly appreciate any feedback you could provide.