Vijay Singh - Portobello

Vijay Singh

A new qualification designed to help young people prove their work readiness is proving successful.

Vijay Singh, from Portobello, completed the Certificate of Work Readiness with an Edinburgh financial services company.

The Skills Development Scotland scheme aims to help young people prove to employers they are ready for work. It includes 190 hours work experience, time with a training provider and work on employability skills. The young person is evaluated by the employer at the end of the placement.

Caroline McFarlane of training provider Limelight Careers said 16 year old Vijay came to them looking for a start in the world of work. They arranged a work placement at Scotia Wealth Management. “After his eight week work experience the company offered Vijay the opportunity of a further six month work placement, enabling him to achieve a vocational qualification in Business and Administration,” said Caroline.

Scotia Wealth Management’s Jacqueline Molloy said Vijay had shown how keen he was to learn during his work experience and was a hard worker. “Vijay is very enthusiastic and he has helped us speed up some of our processes which has been very welcome.

The former Leith Academy pupil is enjoying learning new things in his workplace and plans to continue building on his skills.