SQA Statement on Results Services

Eric Martinez, SQA Director of Operations said, "SQA has introduced two new services which replace the former absentee consideration and exam appeals system – Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service, which ensures that those candidates who have suffered genuinely exceptional circumstances, such as a bereavement or illness etc, before or around the examination period, are not disadvantaged, and Post-Results Services, which provides a safety net check of final exam results. These approaches are grounded in the principle of fairness to all who engage in the external assessment process.

"There will be no charge for schools or colleges who submit an Exceptional Circumstances application on behalf of candidates.

"Post-Results Services will only incur a cost when there is no change to the candidate’s final grade following a marking review and/or clerical check. If a candidate’s grade increases or decreases, there will be no charge.  How the payments are made is a matter for local authorities with their individual schools."

For Background

There are two new Results Services available to schools and colleges:

  1. Exceptional Circumstances
  2. Post-results clerical check and/or marking review

The introduction of the new Results Services has been communicated to teachers, lecturers, local authorities, parents and candidates through a number of channels, including:

  • Establishment of an External Advisory Group made up of representatives from all relevant stakeholder groups (including teachers and parents) – to discuss the development of the service and provide feedback on process and materials, including the leaflet
  • Face to face presentations at parents’ evenings; school meetings; local authority meetings; SQA practitioner events; regular engagement with stakeholders; conferences and seminars
  • SQA website – www.sqa.org.uk/resultsservices
  • SQA information leaflets – 10,000 copies in circulation (via Implementation Events and directly to schools), with a pdf available on the website
  • Webinars
  • Monthly e-mail updates

SQA will continue to communicate the new services, including information within the 2014 ‘Your Exams’ guidebook, which will be issued to all candidates before the exams get underway.

We are also due to send schools and colleges a detailed user guide for the post-results clerical check and/or marking review in June.

The post-results clerical check and/or marking review goes live on Tuesday 5 August and SQA will continue to support schools and colleges in the run-up to and throughout results time.