Your Study Guide to Coping With Stress

Sitting exams is a testing time and can make us feel stressed out - so stay one step ahead with these tips to beat exam stress.

Check out our top tips to tackling exam stress

Be prepare, not only is it the scoutsí motto but it should be yours too! Take confidence from the fact that exams are a test of what you already know. Start revising well in advance and prepare using our practice papers.

Past Papers

Past Papers

Study Group

Revising absolutely everything in a particular subject may seem scary but the trick is to break subjects down into small, manageable chunks. Check out the SQA MyStudyPlan app and see how to create a study plan for some tips.

Keep your body health



With so much studying to do, itís easy to think you simply donít have time for exercise. But in fact, exercise is a well-known stress buster.

Put it into Perspective

You may feel your life depends on your exams results. However, try not to worry as it doesnít help and can prevent you from performing as well as you could. Although results are important, they are not the be all and end all. No matter what you achieve, there is always a way forward.

Cut down on caffeine

Coffee Beans

Coffee might make you feel more awake but too much caffeine can actually over-stimulate you, making it difficult to concentrate and to get that much-needed sleep. Instead, make sure you drink plenty of water.


Itís tempting to scoff chocolate when you are studying but eating too many sugary snacks can cause energy dips. High protein foods and wholegrain cereals help to release energy gradually and keep sugar levels stable.

So when you need to re-fuel, swap chocolate for tuna and keep the energy coming.

Take a break - and breeeaaathe!

Did you know experts believe we can only study properly for around 45 minutes at a time? After this, we can lose concentration and are less likely to store information.

To work more effectively, study in small, focused chunks and take plenty of breaks to clear your mind. Go for a walk, read a book or chat to a friend.tweetsam.jpg