Results Services

Results Services

There are two parts to Results Services:

Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service

This service operates before the exam results are sent out.

This service supports candidates who could not sit a timetabled exam or who did sit an exam but their performance was affected by exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances could include, for example, bereavement and serious illness. Minor ailments are not considered exceptional circumstances.

Post-results Services

These services will be available after candidates have received their certificates.

If a school or college is concerned by a candidate’s result, they can request a clerical check and/or a marking review.

Clerical check

SQA staff will check that all parts of the exam paper have been marked, that the marks given for each answer have been added correctly, and that the correct total mark or result was entered into SQA’s results software.

Marking review

A clerical check will first be carried out following the same clerical check process, as described above. Next, an SQA Examiner will review the marks awarded in the candidate’s exam paper or other externally assessed components to ensure that the original marking was in line with the national standard.

Priority marking review

This review is only available to candidates who have college/university places on hold until the marking review is complete.

Priority marking reviews are completed in time to meet the UCAS deadline for confirming college/university places by 31 August.

Only schools and colleges can submit requests to the Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service and Post-results Services. SQA will not accept requests directly from candidates, parents, carers or other third parties.

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