SQA statement on the Wood Commission Report

Construction workers

Dr Janet Brown, SQA Chief Executive said, "SQA is proud to be at the heart of the education and skills system in Scotland and is committed to helping young people realise their potential and to achieve their ambitions. SQA qualifications, highly regarded across the world for their consistent standards, are a valuable asset to those who achieve them. They prepare people for life in general as well as for progression into further study, training or employment.

"We already have many of the pieces in place to make the Commission’s findings a reality - as the report indicates. We have the established track record of providing qualifications that are fit for purpose and deliver for Scotland’s people and economy.

"Our suite of qualifications are already enabling vocational pathways in schools - for example, Skills for Work and National Progression Awards; we already have a working model of Higher National qualification delivery in schools - enabled through school-college partnerships; we work with other national organisations, such as Skills Development Scotland, in the delivery of the Certificate of Work Readiness and we are in a pivotal position to help make the connections between schools, colleges, training providers, employers and other stakeholders as – uniquely - we already work with them all.

"SQA looks forward to working with schools, colleges, local authorities, training providers, employers and the other national bodies, to continue to implement the Commission’s recommendations. Working together, it can be done."

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