Diploma to Degree Warmly Received

The values of the Scottish Qualifications Authority underpin our gold standard higher education qualification, the SQA HND. We work extremely hard to gain trust in all we do and to keep our qualifications relevant and flexible enough to help all our learners achieve their goals.

We at the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) are absolutely delighted with the hugely welcoming and positive response we received from the Community Colleges we met at the recent NAFSA conference.

We take huge pride in the global success of SQA’s flagship vocational higher education qualification, our Higher National Diploma (HND) program and really welcome the opportunity to tell AACC members more about it.

The program, which is broadly comparable to an Associate’s Degree,  has delivered several generations of highly skilled individuals who have gone on to career success in their chosen vocation with a rapidly increasing percentage studying a top-up degree to meet the demands of today’s highly pressured workplace.

About the SQA Higher National Diploma (HND)

SQA has been delivering Higher National Qualifications since 1924, so we know what we are doing.

Our SQA HNDs are an internationally recognised higher education qualification, designed to fit both starting and/or developing a professional career and can be further enhanced with advanced university entry.

Developed by SQA in partnership with colleges, universities and employers, an SQA HND is a Higher Education qualification that fits workplace and university needs.

Because of its international portability, universities around the world recognise HNDs as good evidence of a student’s ability to progress into university at advanced level. SQA has a constantly expanding suite of bespoke agreements in place with universities internationally that support this degree route. Destinations include the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

HNDs emphasise practical approaches to learning, including project and assignment work, team and group work, and research. They usually take 2 years to complete and are suitable for full-time and part-time delivery.

Through our extensive contacts we can also facilitate introductions to colleges in Scotland and universities around the world to explore the potential for completing part of the HND study in Scotland or progressing to a top-up degree in another country.

For those people who are serious about getting a job and a career with prospects, getting an HND is one of the best ways to achieve their ambition.

Quality is all with SQA

We know the value of reputation. It’s important to business, and it’s important for qualifications. That’s why we spend so much time and effort on quality.

Because our quality assurance procedures are so rigorous, SQA qualifications can be trusted, wherever they are delivered. All our qualifications receive the same support and meet the same standards, wherever they are used, and however they are delivered.

And now….a bit about us

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) headquartered in the UK, is an international leader in education and training. Established by an Act of Parliament, we are sponsored by and accountable to our government. We are obliged by law to develop and award qualifications that are fit for purpose.

We have 100 years’ experience in developing qualifications and qualification systems coupled with 20 years’ experience working internationally in partnership with governments, colleges, universities, schools and industry. We serve the oldest established education system in the world.