International Award

sponsored by CIVIC

KMD Computer Group, Myanmar

KMD Computer Group, the largest IT products and services provider in Myanmar. It is a pioneer in ICT training in the country and has over 80,000 graduates from its IT Training division. In January 2013 it became SQA’s first approved centre in Myanmar. It is currently delivering the HND in Computing: Software Development. With extensive facilities and labs in the commercial centre of Yangon, it reaches candidates who did not previously have access to the HND. A recent External Verifier visit highlighted significant strengths in the way KMD Computer Group operates its business.

Muscat College and Quest (Scotland) Ltd.

Highly Commended by Civic UK managing director Greig Tosh is Sharifa Ahmed Al-Ghazali of Muscat College


Highly Commended - Laura Mason from Quest (Scotland) Ltd.