Training Organisation Candidate of the Year

Jordan Downie, Limelight Careers, Edinburgh

Jordan Downie is congratulated by Jean Blair, SQA Director of Operations


Jordan Downie, nominated by Limelight Careers in Edinburgh, was named Training Organisation Candidate of the Year after being recognised for his dedication to personal development. In February 2012, Jordan arrived at Limelight with the desire to find a full-time career, and the potential to gain further qualifications. He did both, finding a position with Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) and beginning an SVQ in Customer Service. Also involved with the Territorial Army, in November 2012, Jordan was called up to go to Afghanistan. After thirteen months of active duty he returned to work with the support of Limelight and SAAS and has now completed his SVQ.

Highly Commended Kieran Reape of Limelight Careers

Highly Commended - Kieran Reape nominated by Limelight Careers

Highly Commended - Leona Rodden of AD Services (Scotland)

Highly Commended - Leona Rodden nominated by AD Services (Scotland)