Learning and Development

Catalogue of Units

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Unit Title
A1 Assess candidates using a range of methods (42 KB)
A2 Assess candidates' performance through observation (40 KB)
V1 Conduct internal quality assurance of the assessment process (43 KB)
V2 Conduct external quality assurance of the assessment process (42 KB)
L1 Develop a strategy and plan for learning and development (35 KB)
L2 Identify the learning and development needs of the organisation (31 KB)
L3 Identify individual learning aims and programmes
L4 Design learning programs (29 KB)
L5 Agree learning programs with learners (30 KB)
L6 Develop training sessions (29 KB)
L7 Prepare and develop resources to support learning (31 KB)
L8 Manage the contribution of other people to the learning process (30 KB)
L9 Create a climate that promotes learning (30 KB)
L10 Enable learning through presentations (29 KB)
L11 Enable learning through demonstrations and instruction (29 KB)
L12 Enable individual learning through coaching (29 KB)
L13 Enable group learning (28 KB)
L14 Support learners by mentoring in the workplace (36 KB)
L15 Support and advise individual learners (29 KB)
L16 Monitor and review progress with learners (28 KB)
L17 Evaluate and improve learning and development programmes (31 KB)
L18 Respond to changes in learning and development (30 KB)
L19 Provide learning and development in international settings (41 KB)
L20 Support competence achieved in the workplace (30 KB)
L21 Plan how to provide basic skills in the workplace (31 KB)
L22 Introduce training for basic skills in the workplace (31 KB)
L23 Support how basic skills are developed in the workplace (29 KB)
L24 Support people learning basic skills in the workplace (28 KB)
Imported Units
G2 Contribute to the development of learning within the organisation (33 KB)
G3 Evaluate and develop own practice (29 KB)
D Review Health and Safety procedures in workplaces (60 KB)
A7(MSC) Establish strategies to guide the work of your organisation (39 KB)
A8(MSC) Evaluate and improve organisational performance (34 KB)
B3(MSC) Manage the use of financial resources (32 KB)
B5(MSC) Secure financial resources for your organisation's plans (36 KB)
C11(MSC) Develop management teams (28 KB)
C13(MSC) Manage the performance of teams and individuals (39 KB)
P2 Develop a strategy and plan to provide all people resources for the organisation (38 KB)

Develop a strategy and plan for the promotion of equality of opportunity and diversity (39 KB)


Design, deliver and evaluate changes to organisational structure (37 KB)