2016/2017 Appointments


Mac Users

If you are using a Mac you need to install a windows environment. This means that an Apple computer with a MAC operating system installed must have a copy of MS windows installed.

As long as your Mac has an Intel CPU inside you can run Windows on your Mac.

There are a variety of different ways of installing MS Windows on a MAC. The simplest option is by using a product like VirtualBox. This is a free application (downloadable from www.virtualbox.org ) which allows you to create a virtual drive on your MAC so allowing Windows to be installed within the MAC operating system as if it was on a separate PC.

If you would rather start Windows when booting up the computer then you should use Boot Camp as provided by Apple. Instructions on installing and setting this up can be accessed on the Apple support website – http://support.apple.com

Whatever option you choose you will require to have access to a licensed/legal copy of MS Windows XP and MS Word 2007 or later.