Annual Review – Supporting Change

SQA CatalystEnabling personal growth is at the heart of what SQA does. We listen to what our customers need and use this understanding to create qualifications and services that support them.

There were a number of innovative projects this year that helped to support change across SQA:

HN Diploma to Degree – advanced entry into degree programmes

Diploma to DegreeSQA’s short cycle higher education qualification has enabled generations of students to enter professions and complete degrees around the world.

Over the past year we have welcomed new university progression partners in Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and USA.

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Ushare LogoSQA has launched Ushare; a new online community and resource that allows users to share links to open learning and teaching materials.

Uniquely, Ushare allows and learners to rate resources and comment on the quality of those materials, enabling them to find quality resources that will help with their studies. Links are then shared across subject networks and can be accessed by other Ushare users. Ushare also allows tutors to rate resources and comment on the quality of those materials.

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Digital transformation – investment in technology to support assessment, learning and quality assurance

Digital TransformationWe are enhancing our capacity to respond to the needs of learners, educators, employers, the economy, and society.

Over the past year, we have continued to work with key strategic suppliers to make greater use of technology to support learning, assessment and quality assurance for our qualifications. We scaled up our e-marking and on-screen assessment delivery and began work to support quality assurance of digital evidence and digital capture of exam responses.

This work supports SQA's vision of digital transformation and increased demand for online, on-demand and at-a-distance services. Greater use of digital technologies can enhance the quality and efficiency of the assessment process for learners, centres and SQA.