Teacher and student at computerUshare: an online community and resource platform where learners and tutors share links to open learning and teaching materials to support learners in the study and delivery of SQA qualifications. This includes online articles, videos and presentations. The links are shared across subject communities and are available to other members of Ushare.

Uniquely, Ushare allows learners to rate resources and comment on the materials, helping you find quality materials to help with your studies. 

Sharing and commenting on resources

Ushare CommentsThe general resources on Ushare help learners understand the subject content of an SQA Unit or qualification and assist them with their studies. It also enables them to not only share resources but rate and comment on how useful they are.

The added value to teachers and lecturers is threefold, like learners they can share rate and comment on resources and it will therefore reduce the requirement for them to create/re-package resources, therefore saving money and time.  With the rating and commenting function being completed by peers it is a reliable indicator of the relevance of the materials.   

Announcing Ushare

We have showcased Ushare at a number of events, including the ALT Scottish Conference, West College Scotland Information Technology Symposium and the College Development Network.  Feedback from attendees has been positive

Colleges and more specifically teachers and learners will welcome the opportunity to both access links suggested by their peers and the opportunity to suggest relevant links to learning resources.

SQA should look at ways to work with schools and colleges to incentivise the sharing of links to relevant learning resources. I hope it becomes part of the qualification development process to signpost relevant links through Ushare

Joe Wilson Chief Executive of the College Development Network

Find out more about Ushare

Ushare is open to anyone; students, teachers, lecturers, education professionals, parents and SQA staff.  Register through or the relevant subject page on SQA's website and once you have created an account, you can access, share, rate and comment on links to open learning resources. Ushare members can create and manage their own accounts or sign-in through Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In.