Royal National MòdWe have a wide range of qualifications suitable for both learners and fluent speakers. These don’t just focus on language skills — they also incorporate musical, cultural, historic and vocational elements.

Gaelic Language Plan

The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act requires a revised Gaelic Language Plan to be submitted five years after the first. In 2015, we carried out an extensive review of targets, outcomes and progress made during the 2010–15 plan and submitted our initial proposals to to Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Gaelic-medium qualifications

Our Gaelic-medium provision continued to grow in 2014–15. National 5 and Higher subjects that can be studied in Gaelic now include:

This year also marked the first entries from outside secondary schools, with Edinburgh College delivering History in the medium of Gaelic. This is an important step in opening up our Gaelic-medium provision to adult learners.

Gàidhlig and Gaelic (Learners)

SQA’s languages qualifications include:

Gaelic (Learners) — for those who are new to the language, or who have little knowledge of Gaelic

Gàidhlig — for fluent Gàidhlig speakers and learners who have experienced Gaelic medium education

Consulting, training and supporting

Throughout the year, SQA continued to engage with the Gaelic teaching profession and key stakeholders:

Royal National Mòd

Royal National Mòd

SQA was once again a sponsor of the Royal National Mòd, held in Inverness in 2014.

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