SQA Accreditation

HairdresserAt the end of the operational year 2014–15, there were 40 awarding bodies approved to offer qualifications in Scotland.

Regulation of awarding bodies

This year we saw the Regulatory Principles firmly embedded and the first round of annual self-assessment submissions take place.

In addition, SQA Accreditation staff carried out and completed 18 audits and 22 provider monitoring reports (65 provider monitoring visits in total).

Accredited qualifications

At the end of 2014–15, SQA Accreditation had a total of 1,023 accredited qualifications made up of the following qualification types:

In addition we continued to see an increase in the number of registrations and certifications across SQA accredited qualifications. In the period from April 2014 to end March 2015 there were 135,423 registrations and 107,812 certifications.

Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework levels in SVQ titles

SCQFWe sought stakeholders’ views on the proposed long-term strategy to use only the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) levels in Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) titles. A number of important considerations and potential concerns were highlighted by some stakeholders, with whom we are engaging to resolve the issues before implementing the change.

National Occupational Standards and SVQ structures

SQA Accreditation continues to work with the UK Commission for Employment and Skills on the Universal Services funding arrangements for the development of National Occupational Standards and Scottish Vocational Qualification structures.

We saw positive results throughout the year, with projects commissioned and delivered. The volume of projects scheduled in the latter part of the year presented significant challenges which the team managed well. The commissioning process has been extended for a further one year, and we look forward to working to achieve success alongside Standards Setting Organisations.

Overall, 97% of UK-wide projects and 96% of those for Scotland were completed within the year.

Stakeholder survey

We carried out a stakeholder survey to gather information on stakeholders’ experiences of working with SQA Accreditation. Feedback highlighted SQA Accreditation’s key strengths and weaknesses and will inform continuous improvement activities over the coming year.