Response to customer survey – you said…we did

Customer satisfaction survey

Manager talking to customerIt is crucial that SQA builds up and maintains a comprehensive profile of information with regard to priorities, levels of satisfaction, views of our performance, and perceptions of SQA amongst our customers.

In order to meet this objective, we commissioned a customer satisfaction survey focusing on a number of issues, including:

A total of 550 telephone interviews were conducted with customers right across the UK. Overall, the findings were hugely positive with SQA overwhelmingly being regarded as an organisation to be trusted — that enables other organisations to carry out their roles more effectively — and as being progressive.

SQA continues to deliver our complex portfolio of roles, responsibilities and services to an extremely high level and in a way which is highly satisfactory to our growing customer base.

However, when customers were asked ‘if you could change one thing about SQA, what would it be?’

The top responses were:

As a result of this we have implemented a number of improvements to our website.