Annual Review – Community

SQA CatalystAt SQA we take our commitment to working with communities very seriously. Whether it’s through empowering our staff and people, fundraising for charities or minimising our carbon footprint — we make sure that SQA is giving something back to society.

Our people

SQA Employees Our HR strategy is designed to ensure that we have people with the right skills and behaviours in the right place at the right time. In 2014–15 we had over 700 employees working from our offices in Glasgow, Dalkeith and Newtongrange and around 15,000 teaching professionals in nominee and appointee roles. We continue to recognise the immense contribution made by all of our people.

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Corporate social responsibility at SQA

SQA Employees SQA’s corporate social responsibility activities form part of the organisation’s overall Corporate Plan, with various measurable outcomes that have to be delivered and reported on. 

Every year SQA staff work with nominated stakeholders, such as schools and charities, providing much needed support in terms of both financial and physical resources through fundraising and volunteering. Staff are also encouraged to implement projects to help reduce SQA’s impact on the environment.

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Our customers

Star Awards Our customers are very important to us at SQA. From schools and colleges, to training providers and other stakeholders — all of our customers expect us to act in a socially responsible manner. Giving something back to our customers is something that we continually strive to do at SQA.

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Young people in care celebrate their achievements

SQA Young people in care celebrate their achievementsSQA became a National Corporate Parent in April 2015, under the Children and Young Person (Scotland) Act 2014, giving us a number of responsibilities in relation to young people who experience the care system.

So on results day some SQA colleagues spent time with a group of these young people and heard all about their achievements and future aspirations.

Equality at SQA

Student and teacherAs both a regulator and awarding body, SQA is committed to equality of opportunity and to a culture that respects difference. We believe that, as an employer and public body, we can play a leading part in the promotion of equality and diversity more widely.

We recognise that equality of access to education is crucial in unlocking many significant opportunities in life, and we are acutely aware of our responsibility to uphold fairness for learners.

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