Test administrator


An SQA test administrator is responsible for ensuring that all test/administrative activities are carried out under the conditions, timescales and arrangements set by SQA.

  • The prime role is to manage the test administration process within schools to ensure that standards are maintained whilst adhering to all physical and information security requirements stated by SQA. 

These activities will be under the direction of SQA’s Trialling Services Team.

Outline of duties

Before the trial

  • Complete a 1-day face-to-face training course as advised by SQA
  • Communicate with school personnel to arrange suitable times to conduct the trials
  • Establish professional working relationships with the relevant school personnel
  • Confirm allocation of school visits with SQA
  • Receive and check test materials reporting any issues immediately to SQA
  • Ensure the secure storage and management of test materials
  • Communicate with SQA/Schools/Quality Assurance Monitors/STA staff within timescales set out by Trialling Services Team

During the trial

  • Oversee pupils who will be undertaking the tests
  • Ensure that test materials, including those for pupils with additional support needs, are conducted in accordance with SQA policy and instructions
  • Ensure the tests in schools are administered in accordance with the specified instructions
  • Ensure that all aspects of the test administration are carried out meticulously and to set instructions
    • Communicate with SQA/Schools/Quality Assurance Monitors/STA staff within timescales set out by Trialling Services Team
    • Allocation of test materials to pupils
    • Accurate checking/collection of pupil data
    • Accurate completion and collection of teacher and administrator questionnaires
    • Deal with enquiries and exceptional circumstances should they arise during the test
    • Report to SQA on any irregularities in conducting the tests
  • Ensure test materials are managed securely

After the trial

  • Check and collate test materials
  • Securely return test materials to SQA as instructed
  • Communicate Parcel force tracking information to SQA

Selection criteria

Essential characteristics:

  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • Be a current or ex-teacher or demonstrate experience of working within an educational or classroom environment
  • Key Stage 1 and/or 2 experience
  • Be able to communicate confidently, effectively and professionally with schools and SQA staff
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent organisational and administrative skills with attention to detail
  • Have access to a computer or laptop with broadband internet connection and a private e-mail address

Desirable Characteristics:

  • Preferably hold a full UK driving licence
  • Preferably hold a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate dated in the last 3 years

Test administrator training

Test administrators will be required to attend a face to face training session prior to administrating the tests in schools during the trial period.

Key performance measures (KPMs) for test administrators

Each year, on completion of the duties outlined in the test administrator role profile, they will be assessed against the following key performance measures and informed of the outcome in relation to their performance.

  • KPM 1 - Positive engagement with relevant school staff and all members of SQA staff
  • KPM 2 – Securely return all test materials and any other documentation issued by SQA in accordance with SQA’s Handbook for Test Administrators and any additional specified instructions
  • KPM 3 – Communicate with SQA, Quality Assurance Monitors and schools within timescales set out by Trialling Services Team 

Process for assessing test administrator performance

Each test administrator will be provided with performance feedback based on their KPMs:

  • A grade - fully met their KPMs (Test Administrator work is entirely consistent)
  • B grade - partially met their KPMs (Test Administrator work is generally acceptable)
  • C grade - did not meet their KPMs (Test Administrator work is unacceptable )

The assessment of the test administrators will be carried out by SQA using feedback from schools, Quality Assurance Monitors and STA staff.  Feedback performance forms will be completed for those who partially met or did not meet their KPMs.

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