STA Lead Marker

As a Lead Marker you are responsible for ensuring all duties associated with the key stage 1 Technical Pre-test (TPT) are undertaken within the conditions, timeframes and arrangements set by STA and SQA.

Your primary role is to lead the Deputy Lead Marker and Markers to ensure consistent application of the subject coding frames to guarantee the integrity of your team’s decision making in relation to the KS1 TPT.

You will undertake these activities under the direction of the STA Test Development Researcher (TDR) and SQA as appropriate. There will be a requirement to undertake duties during weekends and in your own time.

Outline of duties

Before Central marking

  • Take direction from STA TDRs in regards to pre-marking processes and in preparing for Marker training.
  • Carry out preparation work for pre-marking meetings as set out in the Lead Markers’ contract and Handbook for Lead/Deputy Markers.
  • Attend and support pre-marking meetings.
  • Support STA TDRs in the development of mark scheme/coding frames.
  • Collaborate with other Lead Markers and Deputy Lead Markers during the pre-marking process.
  • Prepare Marker training and standardisation materials to deliver at the Central Marking event.

During Central Marking

  • Lead the delivery of Marker training and the standardisation process.
  • Lead the quality assurance process during Central Marking as outlined in the Handbook for Lead/Deputy Lead Markers in collaboration with STA.
  • Support the exemplification process to support item level development.
  • Work collaboratively, and professionally with the Deputy Lead Marker in order to ensure all processes and procedures are adhered too, and feedback to STA where appropriate.
  • Lead, support and quality-assure the Deputy Lead Marker and Markers during the Central Marking event.
  • Escalate queries to STA TDRs as required, and specifically, instruct Markers to capture, manually, unanticipated responses, in agreement and under the direction of STA.
  • When required, undertake the role of a Marker to mark any unmarked scripts or scripts that require to be re-marked.
  • Ensure all script queries are coded before leaving the Central Marking event.
  • When requested, collaborate with other Lead Markers, and work across teams (within the same subject) to support quality assurance procedures; and where necessary marking.
  • Be responsible in ensuring all materials allocated to their team are handled as stated within their confidentiality agreements. Thus being accountable for the ‘signing in and out’ of training materials, coding frames and other related secure documents.

Completion of Central Marking

  • Attend a meeting with STA TDRs following marking to discuss mark schemes based on marking experience.
  • Undertake performance management reviews of Deputy Markers and Markers against key performance measures (KPMs).
  • Submit overall report to STA.

Selection criteria

Successful candidates must:

  • have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience
  • have completed marking/coding (to the required quality standard) in the current or most recent live test marking cycle for the relevant subject for example KS1/KS2 IVT, TPT or live tests
  • have experience in other key roles demonstrating competence within their subject and level(s)
  • be able to demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and engage positively with all members of their team
  • be able to communicate confidently, effectively and professionally with their team’s STA and SQA staff both orally and in writing
  • be able to work co-operatively and professionally with other Markers, STA and SQA staff, taking and providing feedback as appropriate
  • be able to demonstrate excellent organisational and administrative skills with an ability to meet deadlines
  • have a home computer or laptop with a broadband internet connection and a private e-mail address

Note: Lead Markers can be:

  • currently teaching
  • recently retired from teaching
  • a former teacher now working in another field
  • on maternity/paternity leave

Lead Marker key performance measures (KPMs)

On completion of the duties outlined in the Lead Marker role profile, your work will be measured against the following key performance measures and you will be informed of the outcome in relation to your performance in that year.

  • Successfully complete preparatory work for a pre-marking event.
  • Deliver Marker training and complete administrative tasks for standardisation for each test version assigned.
  • Ensure consistent quality assurance of Deputy Marker’s and Markers’ marking, providing verbal feedback.
  • Engage positively with all team members.
  • Complete all administrative tasks as outlined in the Handbook for Lead/Deputy Markers.
  • Submit overall report to STA.
  • Satisfactorily fulfil the KPMs of the Deputy Marker and Marker role.

Employer’s release

If you are currently teaching you will need to seek formal release from your school. Your school will be compensated for the days you are not in school. Please complete the KS1 Release Request Form and upload it with your completed application.

As a Lead Marker you will be required to attend a Pre-marking event. This will take place at Warwick University:

Subject Dates (inclusive) Payment
English grammar, punctuation and spelling and mathematics, English reading 3 May – 6 May 2016 £210 per day

Central Marking will also take place at Warwick University:

Subject Dates (inclusive) Payment
English grammar, punctuation and spelling and mathematics 24 June – 27 June 2016 £210 per day
English reading 24 June – 28 June 2016 £210 per day

In addition to the above payment you will also receive the following payments if applicable:

  • Management responsibility fee £300 (one off payment).
  • Team responsibility fee £120 per day (if managing a team).