National Qualifications - update

21 September 2016

The priority of the entire education system continues to be to work together to ensure the best possible learning opportunities are provided to our young people.

SQA has engaged fully with the ministerial Assessment and National Qualifications Group and the stakeholders represented on it.  In line with the Deputy First Minister's announcement, we are currently developing an initial plan and assessing the overall design, operational and systems requirements needed to deliver the proposed modifications to National Courses.

If the proposal is agreed by the CfE Management Board, the achievement of a National Course would be based on a revised Course assessment, which would increase the sampling of course content. This would mean that each exam would be extended and the Coursework may be modified or new Coursework may be introduced in some areas. This would be implemented for National 5 for the 2017/18 session, and for Higher in the 2018/19 session.

SQA remains committed to the continued implementation of the National Qualifications and to maintaining their integrity and credibility. SQA will continue to work with local authorities, schools, colleges, partners and teaching unions to deliver for our young people and ensure that quality assurance of the qualifications is proportionate whilst maintaining national standards.

Further details of the Deputy First Minister's announcement, are available here.