Quality Consultant – Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Professional Skills Test for Trainee Teachers

A Quality Consultant (QC) is responsible for supporting SQA to ensure items and marking schemes are clearly mapped to the Curriculum, for the qualifications within their remit by ensuring that all tasks are quality assured and carried out to the specification, timescales and arrangements set by SQA.

The role involves working with an SQA team to ensure consistent application of standards and subject specific integrity of decision-making in relation to content.

The work will be carried out almost exclusively via electronic exchange of items, support materials and correspondence submitted via email. We engage appointees on a project-by-project basis.

These activities will be under the direction of staff from SQA’s Contract Operations Team. There may be a requirement to undertake duties during weekends and holiday periods dependent upon when writers / reviewers submit their output.

Outline of duties.

  • Lead, direct and undertake the development of item specifications for the specified subject in accordance with SQA guidelines
  • Lead, direct, support and undertake the production and quality assurance of Items
  • Review item(s)/task(s) and marking instructions in accordance with the item specification in conjunction with the Education Consultant.
  • Serve as an expert on educational measurements with conform to Standard Testing Agency’s (STA) requirements.
  • Lead all activities to ensure they are concluded within agreed time frames
  • Support SQA with continuous improvement developments
  • Accuracy checks to be carried out all the items, tests and information submitted.
  • A report detailing these results and analysis must be provided. 

Selection criteria

Successful candidates must:

  • have strong analytical and problem solving skills and understand Item Response Theory.
  • have practical experience of item design and test construction.
  • have practical experience of analysing questions in terms of readability, age suitability and logical flow of content and progression of demand.
  • be able to communicate and engage professionally, confidently and effectively with other appointees and SQA.
  • be able to demonstrate good forward planning and time management skills and adhere to deadlines.
  • have a home computer or laptop with broadband internet connection and a private e-mail address.
  • It would be advantageous to have experience in psychometric testing and reporting results to a range of audiences.

Key Performance Measures

Performance will be measured against the accomplishment of the duties specified within individual contracts, within the prescribed timelines and to the required standard      

Quality assurance procedures

Complete all reports providing feedback on examination performance for SQA within specified dates.